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Youtubers, Quality or Quantity when starting a new channel?

Quality videos takes time.  Time I don't have.  So I focus first on the most important thing, the content.

I know that if I don’t just do it, and shoot it in one take, I wouldn’t get it out. So much of my content is shot ‘live’ including a lot of uhhs, and umms in some cases.

I don’t have an aggressive upload schedule. Nor do I dedicate a lot of my time to produce videos - quality does take time. Time is costly. I don’t recoup the money lost on time (versus just working), but at least its the revenue is something.

But I also tend to upload videos that aren’t necessarily covered by a hundred different channels.

I think its all about resource management. Yes, if you have/want to dedicate the time to produce content, pick cheap, fast, or good. At most you can pick two of those to be tops.

I make them fast and cheap mostly. Good… some of the times, but then its not fast. As I get bigger, more subscribers, more revenue, I can shift towards more good content, that is expensive to produce because its covered by advertising.

That’s the natural Youtube progression for most beginners.


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