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What Should You Get For Last Minute X-Mas Shopping?

Amazon Gift Cards!

There are quite a bit of 50% off store-wide offers at a lot of the clothing shops.  Discounts all around in retail outlets and also at 'outlet' outlets.  But with it comes a crowd of people and long, long lines.  More importantly, the discounts are not as good as last month's Black Friday.

So I suggest getting Amazon gift cards because they sell just about anything.  (Disclaimer, I'm an Amazon affiliate).

Its too late for the fancy Boxed Gift Cards

In previous years Amazon had free teddy bears, stuffed animals from Gund, extra $$$ with earlier gift card purchases.  On top of that you get some cash back if you use an Amazon prime card.  

Amazon Prime Now shouldn't be overlooked.  2 Hour delivery on hundreds of items!

My wife says to go to TJ Maxx or Marshalls if you must go somewhere.  They do have a wide variety of everything.


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