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The Best 360 Camera Under $400 is Here

Insta360 One X was introduced a few days ago and sent out to certain reviewers and influencers who got a chance to test the unit and post a review on Youtube and social media.  I based my opinions on the observations and footage of those videos shared.

What's The Big Deal

VR may very well be here to stay.  Its not just a fad like 3D was years ago when you couldn't walk into a big box store without running into the latest 3D TV.  Facebook, Google, and Microsoft are definitely doubling down on this technology.  But the challenges are often technical and Insta360 have definitely made it super easy to get good results on the photo and video side.

360 Videos let the user see everything and interact in a way that makes it more real.  Control what they are looking at by moving one's head, a controller, or a swipe of the finger.

And even then if VR isn't for you, Insta360 One makes it easy to just capture everything at once, and then re-frame it later.  The technology is pretty awesome and probably the best use case scenario for VR 360 cameras.

This was shot with the GoPro Fusion.  Move around in the video.

360 Is Simply Best Way To Capture the Moment

Its the Best 360 Under $400 for Most

The innovations with the Insta360 One X are real.  

  • Smaller Easier to Use Form Factor
  • Bullet Time Mode
  • 4k 5FPS
  • Intuitive Smartphone App capable of editing full videos
  • Easy Social Media Sharing
  • 5.7K Resolution
  • Time Shift
  • Free Capture and Pivot Points
  • More affordable Price Point
  • Unique accessories for swining the camera like a mad man, and also throwing! the VR camera for mid-air shots.

Why It Isn't the BEST for Me

360 Isn't as immersive without spatial audio, and the Insta360 One X doesn't record it.  And the audio is horrible!  (Edit - Firmware update made it not as horrible, just passable).

Stitching and image quality not up to par with more prosumer solutions - namely the GoPro Fusion.

The best defense supporters have about these is, look at the competition.  Most don't do much better, especially for the price.  And they're right!

But if I had to choose one 360 Camera under $1000.  The GoPro Fusion is still it.  (But note the processing times really try one's patience.)


One X

Definitive upgrade to the already awesome Insta360One

Tony Northrup's Take

Free Selfie Stick

If you purchase the Insta360 One X through this link, you will get a free official Insta360 Selfie Stick with your order.

360 Rumours Detailed Comparison


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