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SwitchPod is the Vlogger's Best Friend

The switchpod is a new type of tripod designed for selfies and vlogging that beats the industry standard, Gorillapod at a number of key areas.  Its fast, it is stable in selfie and tripod mode, its faster to deploy in both modes, and its more portable.  Where it falls short is its configurations are exactly two, whereas the Joby Gorillapod has three flexible legs for way more flexibility in more situations.

Gorillapod vs Switchpod

Top Selfie Tripod for Youtube


What I Would Use for Vlogging

Gorillapod 5K Rig

Most flexible, versatile vlogging tool on the planet to hold your camera and accessories


Minimalist stable handheld tripod and selfie stick for Vloggers

Insta360 Bullet Time

Multifunctional selfie stick, with bullet-time for my Insta360 One X


Built With Vloggers in Mind

SwitchPod is lightweight, compact, and nearly indestructible. It will save you valuable time  between shots so you can focus more on shooting and less on messing with your gear.    

1. SwitchPod works with any camera.  

2. It opens and closes quickly.  

3. It’s easy to hold.  

4. It has non­slip feet to keep your camera from sliding off surfaces.  

5. It has a tightening knob to quickly attach or remove your camera.  

6. It is lightweight and slim, so can it be taken anywhere and packed easily.  

7. It is strong enough to hold heavy video rigs and won’t sag or collapse like others.  

8. You can add your own quick release plates and ball heads.  

9. You can add a mic, a monitor, or a LED light to complete your full vlogging rig  with two ¼ ­20” threads.  


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