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Prime Day 2019 Deals! (Updated Throughout Sale Event)

Updated Throughout the Day

$5 Promo Credit Free with $25 Gift Card Purchase

This is easily one of my favorite deals.  Basically its like $5 for free.  Use coupon GCPRIME19 at checkout.  Details on the page.

Bose Quiet Comfort 25 - $99.99

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New Echo Show - $102 with Trade-In of Old Echo Dot

First this involves you sending in an older registered Echo Dot, for free. In exchange for your Echo dot Amazon will offer you a 25% off coupon instantly, plus $5 trade-in value, a free shipping label for you to send in.  Total came out to $102 plus tax for a brand new Echo Show current generation (which I highly recommend).

30% off Electric Bike - $979

🏍 Powerful 500-watt rear hub motor in a smaller package.

🏍 Speeds of up to 20mph and slick fat tires 20" x 4.25"

🏍 Battery range between 15-25 miles, depending on the riders weight, terrain, incline, and etc.

🏍 Throttle drive or Pedal Only

🏍 Tektro mechanical disc brakes that any bike shop can easily service.

This was featured on Casey Neistat's Vlog.

Cut the Cord, FireTV DVR for $129-$179.99

This matches the lowest price for the FireTV recast DVR system.  I did a review and am still happily using it without paying cable bills or satellite tv.  Note this only works with antennae broadcasts so you'll want to hook up a good antennae to bring in your local channels.  I highly recommend getting the 1TB version as it comes with four tuners.  Check out my review on Youtube here.

Tower Fan, Ultra Quiet and Energy Efficient - $39.99

DC Motor Ultra Quiet Pedestal fan in theory is a great idea, but I haven't tested it and the reviews seem a bit positive.  However, the normal price of this fan is $60 and if the specs on the noise turn out to be true its easily worth it if you want a quiet environment or for sleeping.  Those that need fan noise can save a lot of money with a regular box fan.

Synology 4 Bay NAS DS918+ - $467.49

This is reported by some as the best 4 bay NAS in its class.  For that reason, it is rarely on sale because it sells so well already.  Perfect for that media server, especially if you use Plex Pass for media encoding.

Facebook Portal - $79.99 - $229.99

Facebook Portal is probably the best thing for Facebook Messenger calling.  The experience of the AI automatically following people around in the video call is futuristic.  Its really the way video calls should be done.

Adobe Creative Cloud Annual Sub - $29.99!

This is as cheap as I've seen it for non-students/educators (who pay $19.99 a month).  If you miss CC, but weren't willing to pay $50+ a month, this might just reel you back in.

Samsung Unlocked Phones - Cheap as if on Contract, but Not

Samsung S9, S10, S10+, and Note 9 On Sale.

For Youtubers, Twitch Streamers, Gamers, etc

If you're like me, you stream.  Create content. Play video games, share it.  Want to up your game?  These deals are live today only or until sold out.  Also get the green screen while you're at it as that's on sale as well for $129.99

Elgato Key Light - $149.99

You need good lighting if you are recording yourself streaming, for video conference calls, live streaming.  It attaches to your desk with the included stand and takes up almost no space.  This is one of the best options for cramped spaces, and at $149.99 its the cheapest it will likely be until Black Friday.  If you want to look your best, you should get two of these.

I want to point out that even though $149.99 is much more palatable, it is just one light.  People have been posting some other alternatives if you want to setup your own type of system for cheap with some caveats of course.  A three pack of Dazzne D50 kit is just $217.00 today (with the $20 coupon available).  Note I do not recommend the Dazznes for pro-work - the construction simply isn't going to be up to pro-use.

Elgato CamLink 4K

This is basically a 4K input for your computer (that can handle 4k).  Extremely handy if you need to use an external clean-HDMI capable camera for web conferencing or video tutorials, recording, streaming.

Logitech MX Master 2S - $39.99

This is the mouse I use at home and on-the-go.  Its that good.  The 2S allows you to share the mouse among different devices by just dragging it to a different device.  Besides that it has 3 bluetooth profiles, fantastic right handed ergonomics, and I even use it for general gaming because the tracking and battery life are decent.  Highly recommended, and easily $20 less than the price I got it for.

Bose SoundWear Necklace Bluetooth Speaker - $149.99

This is normally $299.99, went on sale for $249.99, and now at $149.99 which is the cheapest its ever been.  I hesitated to add this to the Prime Day sale because its not exclusive to Prime day but happened to go on sale at the same time.  You can get it for the same price at other retailers, but today its an extra 6% cashback if you use the Amazon card which makes it a better deal than most.  Its out of stock right now but should ship this month (currently).  There are other wearable speakers on the market, but this one has the best overall performance, comfort, sound and the biggest issue used to be the price.  Today it just might be worth it.  Note this is for private, in the house listening or phone calls - don't be that guy out in public.

Check out the Verge's review here.

Sonos ONE Gen 2 with $50 Gift Card - $179.99

This is probably the best sounding Alexa device in its price range.  Also these rarely ever go on sale, much less with an extra $50 gift card which makes this a hot deal.  These work best when there's two or more so you can play music throughout the house.  I've seen and heard the Gen 1s throughout a big home and it really fills the rooms with good quality sound.  Highly recommended.  Oh, the gift card comes inside the box.

Ring Alarm Systems (Some Packages Selling Out) - $119+

I've been on the Ring alarm eco-system for over a year now.  Luckily, I haven't had it call the police for me (monitoring optional) but it gives me a piece of mind and also has a cellular backup in case the internet goes down.  The Prime Day deal is easily the best I've seen yet, which makes sense since Amazon does own Ring.  Frankly I'm surprised they've sold out already on some of the bigger packages, but the basic one is still available.

Tile Pro - Double Pack for $33.24

This is the reason why I find my 'lost' keys a lot faster than before.  I don't have the pro version, just the 2018 Tile Version (review here) but this one should be better right?  More range, more sound, more rugged.  Two for $33.24.  Just added 4 pack for $66.49, same link.  Note new lower prices.

Samsung 32GB MicroSDXC Card - $5.49

This is perfect for car DVRs, security cameras (because its so cheap, and many max out at 32GB).

Best Laptop Deal Acer Predator Triton 500 - $999.99 (Sold Out)

Triton 500... Sadly sold out.  Before I could even post this in time.

Insta360 One X

Probably the best overall 360 camera on the market today for most people.

Insta360 Evo

Although it look clunky, it features 3D in addition to the 360 VR capabilities of the Award Winning One X.

Vuze XR

Definitely a more elegant design than the EVO, but it doesn't have the super stabilization that Insta360 has.

TP-Link Kasa Lite 4 Pack - $40

This works perfectly with Amazon Echo/Alexa devices.  At just $10 a piece, you have voice control over the equivalent of four switched outlets.  I like these over some Wemo equivalents because it tends to have better wifi connectivity, and also has a timer feature through the app.


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