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NineBot Segway Offers Their New MAX at a Discount

The scooter ride-share war is heating up, but it turns out that the current generation of electric scooters aren't holding up to the abuse, and range needs for companies like Lime and Bird who use a variety of scooters in their fleet.

Ninebot Segway believes they have the answer in the new Kickscooter MAX.

25%+ Discount During Campaign

I have owned the Ninebot Segway ES4 for a short while to test.  I really liked it.  It had plenty of torque and speed for its intended usage (a couple of miles around me) and I can see why its such a popular model for ride share companies.

I would have kept it if it weren't for the fact that I already have a Boosted Board v2 Dual plus, and also a Segway MiniPro.  Both could get me to my destination a little slower, but not as fast and as 'safe' feeling as the Segway Electric Kick scooter did during the month I had it.

So this MAX version improves on the previous ES4 in a lot of different ways.

Limited Time Offer

Offered on Indiegogo by Ninebot

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Because this upgraded unit is available during this campaign for this summer, at a cheaper price than its predecessor, I'm definitely getting one.  The question is, am I keeping this one or keeping the Boosted Board version of the scooter?

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