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Peak Design Now Makes A Travel Tripod

Full disclosure: I am a backer and fan of Peak Design.  I have paid for every single one of my Peak Design products with my own money at full price like everyone else.  I do not work for Peak Design.  If you pre-order your Travel Tripod through my links, I get a small commission.

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Tony Offers Some Cons in His Review

Jason Vong Gives Extensive First Impressions

Built With Greatness Inside

Features and Benefits

  • Pro performance. Half the size.
  • Groundbreaking architecture eliminates dead volume 
  • Packs down to half the size of traditional travel tripods to the size of a water bottle 
  • No protruding knobs
  • Lightning  fast setup and pack down. 
  • Quick  locking cams allow you to unlock legs in 3 swift motions 
  • Legs deploy without flipping over for significantly faster setup than traditionaltripod designs
  • Unique quick  release allows instant, secure camera attachment
  • Intuitive, ergonomic ball head interface.
  • Single, ultra smooth omni-directional ball head adjustment ring with no bulky/confusing knobs
  • Simple locking ring for total security and stiffness
  • Compatible with all PD plates and most Arca  type plates 
  • Removable pins for use with most Arca type L brackets 
  • Omni-directional bubble level
  • Professional stability and features for demanding environments.

MSRP ̶$̶349-$599


Ships later this year*

Lifetime Guarantee!



Features I'm Excited About

1. Portable without being too shaky

2. Compact

3. Fast and Easy Setup

4. Stable for the weight

5. Easy to Pack

6. Reasonably Priced


Excellent use of space.  It looks like every single square inch of product was designed with purpose, and travel friendly.  The Peak Design Travel Tripod was designed to fit in an area where you'd normally fit a water bottle!  And the reviews show a clear denser, compact, way to travel with a solid tripod without giving up too much height.

Dimensions when stowed:

  • 5 inches wide
  • 15.5 inches long

This fits in most carry-on luggage!

Superior and Innovative Design.  There clearly is no tripod on the market with all the features this one has (see above list provided by Peak Design).  This remains to be seen with a full review.

LIFETIME Warranty!

This is often a by-product of a good company that designs great products and stands behinds them.  Also they designed it for serviceability in mind in that every single piece can be replaced should something get worn out and damaged.


Wow its expensive.  Don't get me wrong, I have some expensive Gitzo Tripods when I had more money than sense, and credit card debt.  But good gear costs $$, and there is nothing entry level about this.

You're paying for design features you might not care to use or care for.  They're cool, but not always practical.  It looks really awesome, and you think you might want to use every single feature.  

But do you really?  I know I don't.  I'm speaking from experience from other Peak Design products I've backed.

Its for photographers first, but what about hybrid shooters? (that also shoot video).  Instead of releasing two different heads, they give you a photo head, with the add-on option to use a third party head of your choice through an additional adapter.

No Pan Head.  This matters to you, or not.  If it does, you need to use a third party adapter and lose out on some of the compactness.

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