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Early Amazon Prime Day Specials

While you can take advantage of a lot of specials during Prime Day/Month (Yes, deals all month), most are exclusive to Prime Members along with a lot of other benefits not just on Prime Day.  

One thing some people don't realize is that there are typically a few items that are great deals, and lots of other items that are just OK and in some cases pretty close to regular price on Amazon.  So you really have to pick and choose or get guidance on  what's a decent deal.

See my video last year about the deals here.

The Best Deals So Far

If you don't have a security camera for your porch or where your deliveries occur, this is the best first one overall you should consider.  What makes it particularly special is the refurbished product is less than half off a brand new one, and the last one I purchased I couldn't tell from new.

Ring Doorbell Pro + Echo Mini Bundle - $169

This is PRIME members only.  Price shows up as $273.99 but goes to $169.99 at Checkout.  The pro version needs to be hardwired into an existing doorbell, whereas the Doorbell is battery powered or (for version 2) can also be hard wired.

20% off Many Categories in Amazon Warehouse

This deal which also happened last year is probably the best thing about Amazon Prime Day.  20% off many many categories.  Many items really are like-new, customer returns that are still in good sellable condition, or damaged boxed items that are brand new.

 Check it out here.

Amazon FireTV Stick with Voice Remote - $14.99

This is a ridiculously cheap deal.  The voice remote used to cost $20 by itself.  If you have one that is non-voice this is worthwhile to pick up. This deal ends after Prime Day(s).  4K Version is $25.  Note prices shown at check-out.

Ring Video Doorbell with Echo Dot 3rd Gen - $69.99

This is a generation one Ring Video Doorbell, but comes with an current gen Echo Dot for $69.99.  This is perfect to capture a second angle if you already have a Gen 2, or a Pro.

Kindle Paperwhite (Newest, and Waterproof) - $84.99

Notable improvements are double memory (8GB) starting, waterproof rating, and $5 free kindle credit to purchase an e-book or e-magazine.


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