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CES 2018 Is Over... 3 Things I Bought

Its been a long week at CES for everyone. I'm glad and sad 2018 is over because there is so much to see, and experience, but not enough time and energy to do it all in a week.

Looking over the photos that I've taken, probably the most intriguing booth I've seen this year was from a Bioengineering company with two 'bioengineered' human shells for a Netflix promo.  I touched the body in the body bag below - pretty creepy stuff.

Anything Worthwhile?

Yes!  There was lots of cool gadgets and gizmos shown.  This year's CES was reported to be the biggest ever and the show floor was vast!

My Selection of Products

My (Practical) List of Things I Bought

I saw these on the show floor and went home and (pre)ordered them.  (You cannot purchase items directly at the show from exhibitors).

Two of these items are on Pre-Order (Amazon Linked):

1. Garmin Speak Plus

2. Removu K1 All-In One Gimbal Stabilizer

3. Airdog X5 Air Purifier (Available Now)

Reviews and Demos Coming!


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