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AMC Gold Tickets Discontinued

Take two pictures (front and back) of each of your AMC Gold / AMC Silver tickets.  Use good lighting, hold the camera steady and make sure the barcode and numbers are legible.

Then send email(s) to GoldSilver@amctheatres.com with the following information:

· Full name and mailing address

· Images of the front and backs of the tickets

· The numbers from the back of the tickets

They say that replacements are sent out within 5 business days, but it took 2 weeks to get mine.

If you want to buy valid ones, check your local Costco.  If you want to get them online, sometimes Amazon sellers have decent deals - make sure its sent from a reputable seller.

There is some speculation about why they are no longer being accepted, and the AMC person I spoke to said they aren't sure but maybe its because the AMC Gold and Silver tickets were being faked and of course AMC was losing money on these fake tickets.

So... make sure you are not buying any of these fake tickets or redeemed tickets.  Since people do not have to send in their formerly valid tickets to AMC in exchange for the black ones, I can see how an easy scam can be to sell these GOLD tickets to unsuspecting customers on eBay or craigslist.

Just buy GOLD or Yellow tickets from reputable sellers.


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